Englisch - Irland Aufnahmen

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Green pastures, rolling hills, and the stunning Giant’s Causeway. Famous for Guinness, rainy days, and the famous Irish sense of humor, beautiful Ireland is rich in history, culture, and pub life. The Irish accent is a very distinct accent that is hard to mimic. Very few non-Irish can get away with producing a believable Irish accent. Even neighbors from Scotland, England and Wales will have trouble wrapping their head (and tongues) around the Irish accent. If you are looking for a real, quality Irish voice over, look no further. Don’t try and save a few dollars by hiring someone who is not Irish. If your target audience is in Ireland, they will know the difference between a real Irish voice over artist and an imposter in a split second. If you need a professional, quality voice over from a real Irish voice over talent, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

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