Englisch - Neuseeland Aufnahmen

Finde die perfekte English - New Zealand Stimme für dein Aufnahmeprojekt.

We bet that if you’re not a New Zealander yourself, you’re already thinking ‘Lord of the Rings!’ The natural beauty of New Zealand certainly lent itself well to that fantasy movie, but real New Zealanders know that apart from having nice forests, they’re also a global power with a strong economy and, according to surveys, some of the happiest people in the world. Are you asking yourself why you need a New Zealander for your voice over? New Zealand English is attractive: there’s a certain laid back lilt and of course, they have their own slang, too. It certainly doesn’t sound the same as English from elsewhere. Voice overs must engage the listener and a local accent certainly does that. It’s not that New Zealanders won’t understand a Brit or an American, but on a sub-conscious level, they’ll find the voice ‘foreign’. Get voice overs by real New Zealanders and get the benefit of authenticity. Fit right in with our VoiceBunny voice actors. It’s easy. We’ll help you to choose an actor that’s right for your message and your listeners will be ‘stoked’ (as they say in New Zealand).

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