Englisch - Nordamerika Aufnahmen

Find the perfect English - North America voice for your voice over project.

Americans will tell you that everything is bigger and better in the USA. If you want your message to be really big on a global scale, starting with the USA certainly gives you massive coverage. Of course, you’ll need to get real, local American authenticity. That means a genuine American voice over. You can even choose several regional accents just to add local flavour to your voice overs. Since American voices are heard and trusted in many parts of the world, you will find that your American voice over has lots of mileage. Anyone who loves the movies or watches TV will have heard American voices on a daily basis – it’s an international lingua franca. Your voice over could go much further than you ever dreamed it would! Getting star quality for your voice over is much easier than you would ever have expected. Our data base of 100,000 voices includes magnificent voice actors from America. Simply take your pick. Alternatively, tell us what you’re looking for. Within hours, you can have the American voice over you wanted. It’s that simple. Try it!

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