Englisch - Südafrika Aufnahmen

Find the perfect English - South Africa voice for your voice over project.

Sunny skies, barbeques (South Africans call it a ‘braai’) and the magnificent view over Cape Town with Table Mountain as a backdrop: who wouldn’t want to break into a market that’s given South Africa the nickname ‘The Europe of Africa’? There are some things you might like to know about the locals though: there are no less than 11 official languages as well as a few ‘unofficial’ ones. Business is conducted in English, but even then, you’re not out of the woods. When you’re speaking South African English, sausage is ‘wors’ and a pickup is a ‘bakkie’! Apart from English, huge numbers of people prefer to speak Zulu, Xhosa or even Afrikaans. It just depends on the provinces you’re targeting. Does this sound worrying? Relax! Our database of over 100 000 voice actors includes a crowd of South Africans who can help you give your voice over a local flavour that their countrymen will love. Give us your specifications and get your voice over in as little as a few hours.

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