Russisch Aufnahmen

Find the perfect Russian voice for your voice over project.

There’s more to Russia than Samovars and the Kremlin. The Russian economy remains the most important in the region and continues to grow. There are 11.5 million people in Moscow alone, and the country’s total population approaches 143.5 million. That’s a huge audience for anyone who is considering international coverage for their work and a massive market for anyone with international business ambitions. How does one go about getting the attention of Russians? By speaking their language of course! You don’t speak Russian well? No problem. Get a professional voice over by a Russian voice actor. It isn’t difficult. Simply choose a Russian voice that matches your image and your message on VoiceBunny – or make use of our casting service. We’ll suggest the best voice actors to fit your brief. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for your voice over. Did you think it might take a while? You could get your voice over in a matter of hours and it will be as professionally executed as you could possibly wish.

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