Spanisch - Kastilisch (aus Spanien) Aufnahmen

Finde die perfekte Spanish - Castilian (from Spain) Stimme für dein Aufnahmeprojekt.

Castilian is the Spanish of writers like Cervantes, historical aristocrats like the Duke of Alba and international artists like Placido Domingo. It remains the form of Spanish that’s most spoken in Spain and the New World variants of Spanish are based on Castilian. All in all, Castilian is an influential international language with a centuries old history. Most Spanish speakers across the world will recognise Castilian as the ‘original’ form of their language, even when it has subsequently evolved into a local dialect. With VoiceBunny, you can access any of the Spanish dialects, but if you want to speak good Spanish to Spaniards, Castilian should be your language of choice. Castilian gives you access to the Spanish speaking world. Using the second-largest international language in the world for your voice overs will certainly give you an edge in attracting worldwide notice. Since you’ve chosen the most ‘perfect’ form of Spanish, you’ll want to know that it’s spoken perfectly. VoiceBunny offers you a selection of professional Castilian voice actors.

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