Telefonsysteme Aufnahmen

Finde die perfekte Phone systems Stimme für dein Aufnahmeprojekt.

Your client encounters your phone system and IVR voice-overs before he or she ever speaks to one of your employees. How can you be sure that you’ve got the professional phone system and IVR voice over that reflects your company’s image? Using professional phone system and IVR voice talent will create a much better impression than amateurish recordings ever will. Phone system and IVR voice actors know how to create a first impression of efficiency and cool professionalism that suits your business image. All our voice overs for phone systems and IVRs are recorded by actors who speak in the right tone of voice and in the language and accent that best suits your clients. What’s more, they speak their languages clearly and crisply – we don’t have any ‘mutterers’ on our team. Your client’s won’t have to keep on selecting the ‘listen again’ option. Browse our selection of voice overs: we have the fastest delivery times in the industry (as fast as a couple of hours) and the best prices, guaranteed.

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